How does LORT work?

It works in conjunction with an existing Link Detox report, not older the one month. LORT works fast since we took the time to make all the calculations in your Link Detox report. By using a recent Link Detox report, LORT knows all about your niche, your existing links, your anchor text classifications and much more. Because LORT takes into account your existing link profile, a link that appears good for a domain with a strong, healthy link profile may be risky for a domain that has a weaker link profile.

Warning: before you start a new LORT report, make sure you have a completed DTOX report for your domain, and that you classified at least 80% of your keywords in this report.

Remember: LORT shows you, how your backlink profile would look like if you would have the links that you’re planning to build pointing to your domain. If you manage more domains, you should always start a LORT report using the Link Detox report of the domain for which you would like to build new links.