Typical Workflow with Link Detox

Before you can start your first Link Detox report you need to make sure that:

You have connected your Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) account with LRT.

You have uploaded your latest Disavow File into your LRT account.

Start a DTOX report with all data you can get

To start a DTOX report you need to enter your domain, it does not matter if you enter your domain or subdomain (www and non-www).

Start a DTOX report with all data you can get

Upload all additional Backlink and Disavow Files

Upload all additional Backlink and Disavow Files

To find all the steps you need to start a DTOX report, please go here: http://help.linkdetox.com/m/link-detox-step-by-step-guide/l/149781-start-a-new-link-detox-report

Work with DTOX

After the DTOX report is finished, you need to classify at least 80% of your keywords.

Click on “Classify Keywords” so you can get started.

Work with DTOX

After you have classified at least 80% of your keywords, you NEED TO REPROCESS your DTOX report in order to get accurate domain DTOXRISK score.

The “Reprocess” of the DTOX report does not require any additional DTOX Credits.

After the reprocess of the DTOX report has finished you can start looking at all the found links and start rating, disavowing and adding tags.

After you have finished rating, disavowing and taging all the found links, you NEED to reprocess the DTOX rules to get an accurate domain DTOXRISK score. 

As soon as you have disavowed all the links you can click on “Export Google Disavow file". You will get a Disavow File in a correct format that can be directly uploaded into your Google Search Console account.

For more information go here: http://help.linkdetox.com/m/link-detox-step-by-step-guide/l/149789-disavow-links-domains

Check your backlinks after a week

We recommend waiting a week, then start "Gather all available link sources" again. Re-Run the DTOX report after uploading all link files and the most recent Disavow File.

To re-run a DTOX report you can click on “Re-run” in the Report Information Section.

You can also set-up a recurring report as soon as you start a new DTOX report under the “Advance options”. This way the DTOX report will run automatically with the same settings.