Disavow Links - Domains

Remove your backlinks

Disavowing should always be the last option. Before you export your disavowed links, you should try to remove the  potentially harmful backlinks manually by contacting the webmasters.

In the Link Detox you have a column, showing the emails of the webmasters. With this information you can quickly contact the webmasters.

Use the tag function to keep an overview of the domain contacted.

Only if the contacted webmasters did not react or delete your links, you should consider disavowing your backlinks.

How to disavow?

How to disavow?

For including pages/domains in the Google Disavow Links export file you will need to tick the box in the "Disavow" column in the table. You can even choose if you want to disavow the page or domain. Every ticked page/domain will be included in the export as displayed

Make sure you review all links you want Google to ignore, because if you ignore good links, it might hurt your site's rankings.

How to disavow selected URLs?

Filter in the link detail table the backlinks that you wish to disavow (e.g. for links with high link audit priority).

Then use the "select all URLs" function.

Afterwards you can bulk disavow the pages/domains in one step and then go to the next page.

We always recommend to double check and/or manually review all links you'd like to disavow,  because if you ignore good links, it might hurt your site's rankings.

How to bulk select URLs for disavow?

At first you need to filter in the table for the backlinks you want to disavow. You could use the tags, or filter for DTOXRISK or Link Audit Priority. Then you should use the "Apply bulk actions to all filtered URLs" link at the bottom of the table.

Choose the bulk action

Choose the bulk action

In the bulk action you can choose now if you want to disavow, undisavow, rate, add or remove tags for all filtered URLs in the table. This way you can disavow a lot of links really fast.

Export your disavowed links/domains

In order to create a Google Disavow file, you need to use the “Export Google Disavow file”-function. The data will be downloaded in a correct format and can directly be uploaded into the Google Webmaster Tools.

The format is designed for the Google Disavow tool, but some text editors cannot display them correctly. Please do not open the file in the Notepad, please use Wordpad to correct layout.