Disavow File Management: Disavow History Log

You can easily create a Disavow file within your Link Detox report which gets saved in your Settings.

Opening the Disavow History Log

You can access the new Disavow History feature in your Settings under “Disavowed Links or Ignored Links".

Viewing the History

Using this disavow file audit log helps you track all those changes, even when they’re later undone or made by a colleague.

As you can see, a domain  was un-disavowed on Janurary 2nd (we’re using the international ISO notation YYYY-MM-DD in our app) in report 11921929. All you have to do is click on that link to jump to the report.

On the same day two other domains and one link were disavoved.

You can also see the disavow file history on a link or domain level in the link detail table.

Past Disavow File download

By clicking the file link for the old disavow file, you can retrieve that original disavow file for audit purposes.

Please note that this is a partial download and will not retrieve your most current disavow file.

Full Disavow File download

By pressing the green download button, you can always download the full and most current disavow file. These results are the same as clicking “Export Google Disavow File” in your report.



Removing all Disavow Information

By clicking the "trash can" you can remove all disavowed files and links for a domain from LinkResearchTools and Link Detox. This means any new reports will behave as if no links were disavowed. Please keep in mind though that this change doesn’t affect the actual upload in Google Webmaster Tools, so Google might still have a disavow file that you want to remove.