Create a Pitchbox Account and Set Up a Mail Address

Creating a Pitchbox Account

If you already have a Pitchbox account, then you can enter the Pitchbox API Key in your settings directly. If you don’t have an account yet, then you can easily create one directly in the tool. You only need to enter your name, mail address for sending out the mails and a Pitchbox subdomain.


Mail Set-Up in Pitchbox

As soon as you have an account you will have to set up the settings for your email address. Please check out the Account Settings in Pitchbox.


You can add a new mail address here. You can also add a couple of mail addresses which is especially useful if you want to outreach in behalf of one of your clients.

Just follow the instructions and add the data for the mail address.


Video Walk Through


You can also watch the whole process here.