What is the sitewide links filter?

When you are on a website, you often see a header or a footer that is visible on all the subpages of the website. This is usually where you find sitewide links.  

Our sitewide Links-Filter is a filter that removes a huge number of links from a certain domain to not skew the results.

In the Link Detox tool, the filter is set to 5 by default. This means if you have a sitewide link from a domain, with e.g. a thousand sub-pages, the sitewide filter will remove 995 of those subpage-links from the report and keep only 5.

Therefore, we manage to present better statistics from the link data we crawl. Being linked a thousand times from thousand sub-pages simply doesn't equate a thousand links. By showing and calculating the strongest 5 sub-pages for such sitewide links we weigh them in our calculation, but not to the extent as you find it in other tools where every single sub-page link is counted.

The sitewide link filter thereby results in lower absolute link counts as compared to other tools or huge link list uploads.

This reduction in links is to your advantage as you see a more realistic picture of your backlink profile. 

In tools like QBL and BLP this filter can be disabled (at the cost of longer processing and sometimes heavily skewed statistics).