Working in Link Detox Screener®

You can always review and rate the links you have in the link detail table with our Link Detox Screener®. This makes reviewing the links very fast and easily.

Make sure you have all the links you want to review in the table (by filtering) and open the Link Detox Screener® by clicking on the blue button.

A new browser window will now open. This is the Link Detox Screener®.

On the top you have the Link Detox Screener® information and below you can see the page.

Start reviewing the pages ...

  1. In the Link Detox Screener® Details you can see which URL you are currently reviewing.
  2. Further, you can also see the Anchor Text and the Link Status of the Link.
  3. You can find the information if this is a link with a low, medium or high DTOXRISK and which rule/rules has applied.
  4. Here you can also add any kind of tags  The tag function is a very useful one. For example, you can tag all links that you have already reviewed with “Reviewed”.
  5. If you want to disavow those links you do this also here. Just choose if you wish to disavow the page or the domain. Make sure the box is ticked.
  6. You can also rate the link.
  7. With the "Go To Page" you can continue with your work where you stopped the last time.
  8. You can view important metrics of the backlink here.
  9. You can see the highlighted link in the preview page or in the HTML-code.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We have also added some hotkeys to make your disavowing of pages and domains much faster.

  • A = Disavow Whole Domain (“A for ALL here is spam”)
  • D = Disavow Individual Link
  • W = Clear Disavow (“W for Wipe this Page of my Disavow File”)
  • S = Skip Sitewide Linking Pages
  • C = Add comment to Disavow File
  • G = Rate Link as good
  • B = Rate Link as bad
  • J = Jump to Page
  • L = Show all Links on the Page
  • = Previous Page
  • = Next Page
  • = Previous Link on Page
  • ▼ = Next Link on Page

Trusted SEO metrics at your fingertips

We help you decide if to keep a link or disavow it immediately. You don't only see if a website looks spammy, but you can also assess the value of a linking page or domain by looking at 6 relevant SEO metrics:

1. Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK)

2. Link Status

3. Anchor Text

4. Link Detox Rules

5. LRT Power*Trust for page and domain

6. Link Velocity Trends (LVT)