Keyword Classification

Are 80 % of the keywords classified?

This graph shows you how many backlinks have been classified. If the % of the keyword classification is lower than 80 %, you should classify your keywords in order to get the correct Domain DTOXRISK® score.

Keywords can either be brand, compound, money or other keywords. You can find a definition of those four categories here.

This is an info box. Please read this carefully. From this box you can directly go to the keyword classification page.

This is another information box, which helps you to classify your keywords. Please note, that the classification page works best in Firefox.

Keyword classification page

This is the keyword classification page.

In the next steps we will show you a trick how you can easily and quickly classify your keywords

Money keyword first

Money first: first select all the obvious money keywords (filter e.g. for “internet marketing”, then bulk-check on top of the “money” column. Repeat this step with different kind of money keywords.

Compound Keywords

Then enter your brand and see which links need to be changed to “compound”. When you then exit and enter the classification tool, you can go to filter for the brand keywords.

Review your already classified keywords

Are your keywords classified correctly? Here you can use our trick too. Enter the most important keywords into the field “Anchor text” or enter your domain and review the classified keywords.

To see your already classified keywords make sure that the box “only show already classified keywords” is ticked.