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Link Detox Boost does not work! What should I do?

We are aware that removing a penalty is a hard and time-consuming process.

While boosting will speed up the whole disavow process for Google, it can still have many reasons why the Link Detox Boost does not work as expected for a penalty in a specific case.

You need to look into your link profile in more detail to find the answers.

  • Do you have disavowed enough bad links? How does your Domain DTOXRISK® look like?
  • Are you suffering from an algorithmic penalty? In this case it can happen that you have to wait until the next Google Update. But with the Boost you are now prepared!
  • Have you disavowed all links with high DTOXRISK®? Quite often people disavow too few links because they want to hold on to stronger links that cost them a lot in the past… wrong way
  • Did you upload your WMT file and other backlink source files in the Link Detox report to be sure that no links get lost?
  • Have you received more potentially bad backlinks in the last days or weeks? Please re-run your Link Detox to be sure or start a Link Alert. Could be a negative SEO issue or simply forgotten to upload GWT link data
  • Have you disavowed domains or pages? It is recommended to disavow the domains.
  • Have you boosted all URLs which you have disavowed?
  • Have all links been re-crawled already? You can check this by using the reprocessing button in your report. This is free.
  • Do you have enough good backlinks to rank again?
  • Do you have any unnatural tops in your link profile, even when you clean up your report? Start a CLA report for checking it.

TL:DR – Link Detox Boost speeds up the recovery process and working in Disavows faster, but if it’s not enough disavowed, it’s not enough.